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Welcome to SME Warriors Portal

SME Warriors Portal is a portal for SME busineses to communicate, trade information, swap ideas & network together.

Discussion groups are for members. Join us now !

your Business Portal

    for Entrepreneurs and their collective interests only

    any business owner(s), but excluding corporates

    prospective entrepreneurs welcome

    training providers to SME's

    stakeholders by invitation

exclusively to further SME business interests

join us now so that we can together add value to your business


Our portal aim to  

    influence our business environment collectively

    find solutions to common issues by standing together

    utilizing joint resources for the common good

     information sessions per local chapter

      facilitate business events for your Area

     online forum to discuss business issues

    network online, at meetings and at events

    promote your business activities

                  assistance with staff training

                 offer employment via affiliates

    obtain group discounts                     (2nd half of 2016)

    buyers club card                               (2nd half of 2016)

    group Insurance scheme                   (2nd half of 2016)


Join us now!  Basic membership will always be free.

We will add lots of value to your business life this year

  • Chapters
  • Resources


Address common issues
Address common group issues, distilled through the chapters and groups,
Position of strength
Operate from a position of strength, speaking and acting from a common platform
Group interest
Group interests can be leveraged for better outcomes, at much less effort.
Face to face
Face to face Chapter meetings in your area
Meet members
Meet Chapter members online, alleviating the need to travel to each meeting
Blog with local chapter and interest group(s)


Arrange, schedule and attend local events
News on developments & of areas of interest
Tips for small and growing businesses
New item
New item
New item
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